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La Safor

La Safor is green and lush with valleys filled with extensive evergreen citrus groves which give the landscape a scented and fertile appearance. Come when the blossom is at its best (about March) and the perfume is fantastic.

The dramatic and impressive La Safor mountain range rises behind Gandia, the tallest peak reaching an impressive 2,500ft thus providing Gandia with a truly beautiful backdrop. Tiny pueblos nestle in amongst the orange groves and have remained largely unchanged for generations.

Statistically, Valencia province has approx 320 days of sunshine each year with average daytime temperatures ranging from 15-32 degrees Celsius. This area has a gentle climate that is truly (and technically!) temperate. Hard winters and the searing heat of other parts of Spain are virtually unknown although it does sometimes snow in the mountains in the winter!
2021-04-15 14°C
2021-04-16 14°C
2021-04-17 11°C
2021-04-18 15°C
2021-04-19 17°C
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